Discover Graz

If you would like to discover our beautiful city of Graz you can take the public transport system. Take the Tram (public train) in front of the hall an you will get direct to the city centre.

For more information about Graz, please contact the tourism information in the internet www.graztourismus.at or in the Herrengasse in the city centre of Graz. We offer also free Graz maps to discover the city. The entrance ticket of the Championship is also a public transport ticket before and after the competition!

Bus Parking

Busses may stop on the side entrance of Stadthalle Graz – Fröhlichgasse for passengers to disembark. Parking in front of the main entrance is permitted due to safety reasons.


Clearly visible from every seat in the Stadthalle, the dancefloor takes center stage at the IDO World Championships in HipHop, Breakdance & Electric Boogie 2016 at Stadthalle Graz.

The seating is designed to give the best view to the most seats at all times. Therefore, we kindly ask you to consider the following information:

  • While waiting, teams and team members will be allowed close to the dancefloor, but should remain seated at all times during the competition.
  • Due to safety reasons, running is not permitted within the dancefloor area or sight lines.
  • Due to safety reasons the seating on the stairs is not permitted.


Parking is available next to the Stadthalle on the other side of the street in the “Fröhlichgasse”. Easily accessible is also the parking garage in the Messe Graz, which is direct under the hall – entrance Fröhlichgasse.

Pedestrians please follow the signage to the main entrance of the venue. The main entrance for the public is from the Conrad von Hötzendorf Straße. The entrance for the dancers is from the Fröhlichgasse.

Opening Hours

Please be aware that due to technical set-up of the equipment, there will be no admission to the Stadthalle Graz on Tuesday . During the event the venue opens daily one (1) hour before the first competition of the day. See the following page for further information on our opening hours.

Address Venue

Grazer Messe
Messeplatz 1, 8010 Graz
Phone: +43 (0)316 80880


Access-road for bus

Hall Plan