The organizer of the event, dietanzschule – dr. klaus höllbacher and the TSC-HSV Graz-Wetzelsdorf, disclaims all liability for:

  • Missing or stolen items inside the venue
  • Any damages to personal property
  • Loss of personal items left unattended Personal items left unattended in any public space,including backstage areas, wardrobes or restrooms increase the risk of theft or loss. Therefore we suggest that you make sure to keep an eye on your personal belongings at all times.

Food & Beverage

We will offer some meal at the back stage area, which will be cheaper than the one in the public area of the hall.

Live Stream

This year’s live stream will be available.

Price and ticketing for live stream will be announced during September.
Please follow the link “live stream” on our website.


Find the greatest new gear and souvenirs at the official merchandise outlets in the entrance hall of the venue.

First Aid

First aid staff is on duty at all times during the competition. Positioned next to the main hall (entrance left side), they are approachable in any case of help or assistance needed. If an accident occurs, the injured person might be brought to the closest hospital. This may create further expenses, which have to be covered by a valid health insurance or in cash.

Ear Protection

Due to the higher sound volume during the contest, ear-protection will be available at the check-in counter or with first aid staff for free.

Lost & Found

Lost & Found will be provided at the check-in counter


Safety is our top priority. For fire-safety reasons, the use of heating equipment of any kind is strictly prohibited within the venue.